How Our Auto Grease System Can Help You

Productivity and increased uptime are critical in today’s business environment. Automatic greasing systems increase uptime and reduce manual work on fixed and mobile plant including construction equipment. The productivity, cost savings, reliability and safety of automatic greasing systems are well proven.

They pay for themselves

Auto grease systems pay for themselves in months. Due to the points below. The Auto greaser team are able to model the break even time for your application for you. Contact us

Reduced downtime

Having fixed or mobile plant out of action is costly. It often means lost production, increased labour and overtime or hiring a replacement machine. This can result in lost customers, sales and profit.

Also the machine doesn’t need to stop while it is manually greased by an operator.

Extended life

Automatic greasing systems reduce wear and extend life by providing each point with regular lubrication. This provides a thin film of lubricant so that metal to metal surfaces do not scrape against each other, reduces the likelihood of foreign objects entering, helps reduce corrosions,  and helps dissipates heat. This all reduces wear and therefore failure resulting greater uptime.

Correct amount of grease, at the right time in the right place

Both under and over greasing have a detriment effect on life of a component.

Over greasing causes Overheating, Waste and Pollution.

Under greasing causes wear, premature repairs and high maintenance costs

To illustrate this please see the diagram below:

Reduced maintenance costs

Because automatic greasing systems extend the life of the machine, it will result in fewer repairs and parts. Less resources are required in terms of operators and maintenance personnel when greasing is automated.


Having a machine idling while an operator or maintenance personal climb over the machine is dangerous. Many grease points are difficult to access. Auto greasers reduce skin contact with lubricants and the risk of lubricants spilling and creating a slipping hazard

Loader Scales

Having an auto grease system fitted helps to reduce friction on pins and bushes. This friction adds artificial weight to the scales fitted to the machine therefore reducing accuracy. For more information on loader scales please visit here

For an accurate break even, analysis please contact us here or here or use our autogreaser kit machine selector so you can start saving time and money.

CAT auto grease system
CAT auto grease system