Auto Greaser Benefits

Lubrication is an essential part of machinery maintenance. Most machines are designed with manual grease points often at forty to fifty hour service intervals. If the operator forgets to grease the machine this means a machine goes far too long without adequate grease.

Even if the machine is lubricated at the recommended maximum service interval the wear on the pins, bushes, bearings and rollers will be much here than if the system has an automatic greasing system. This is because the joint gets a very small amount of grease very regularly.

This means a much lower rate of failure, no operator wages for manual greasing and it is never forgotten.

Auto greaser benefits can be seen in the graphic above over greasing results in excessive pressure and heat build up, not enough grease results in excessive wear. The only way to correct this is to use an automatic greasing system.

It is all about getting the right quantity of the right grease at the right point at the right time using the right method.

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